1. What is a portrait sheet?
A portrait sheet is considered any one of the following options : a single 8×10, two 5×7’s, four 4×6’s, a single 5×7/ four standard wallet combo sheet, two 4×6/ three standard wallet combo sheet, 8 standard wallets, or 8 2×3 mini wallets. We also offer the option of 10×10, 10×13, and 11×14 sheets, however these are an additional charge.

2. How long do you keep your photos?
For customer convenience, we try to retain our photos for as long as possible. While we can’t always guarantee that your photos will be there, we do go to great lengths to retain as many of our sessions as space will permit.

3. Do we have to schedule an appointment?
While you are not required to have an appointment in order to have a session, they are highly recommended (especially during the holidays). Our goal at Shotz Portrait Studio is to ensure that every customer is able to enjoy a photography experiences that is fun, relaxed, and unhurried. Our online and over-the-phone scheduling makes this more convenient than ever, with customers having the ability to book their sessions without having to leave the comfort of home.

4. Do you offer outdoor and on-location photoshoots, or is it strictly in-studio?
Shotz Portrait Studio is proud to offer a wide variety of photography services, including outdoor , at-home, on-location, and event photography. We apply the same principles that have made our in-studio sessions so successful to our outdoor and on-location shoots, giving customers a fun, professional, and affordable experience that they’ll never forget.

5. Do you charge a sitting fee?
Here at Shotz, one of our founding principles was to not charge our customers a sitting fee. We feel that the customer shouldn’t be obligated to pay for simply walking into our studio and booking a session. We are confident in our ability to capture the moments and concepts at a consistent rate of quality that our customers have come to expect from us over the years.

6. How long does it take to receive our photos?
We pride ourselves on providing same-day service for our in-studio sessions. Our photos are printed on-site, and typically take around 10-15 mins. Digital images are emailed/uploaded immediately following your session, and generally take about 20-30 mins to receive. Due to the volume of photos and amount of editing required, outdoor and on-location sessions can take up to a week, however they are usually completed within 3-4 business days.

7. Do you offer any Photoshop services?
One of the features that really sets us apart from other studios is our complimentary Photoshop services. Gone are the days of stressing about pimples, blemishes, scratches, bruises, etc., as our photographers are typically able to remove these within minutes. Basic touch-ups like these are included with our sessions. More intricate and in-depth Photoshop work is also offered, but comes at an additional price based on the difficulty and time needed to complete.

8. How long do we have in the camera room?
For regular sessions with 1-7 people, we allow up to an hour in the camera room. This allows customers to have outfit changes, additional breakdowns, feeding, etc. For headshots and passports, we allow up to 30 minutes. Large groups of 8 or more people are allotted 2 hours for their appointment.

9. Do you allow pets in your studio?
We believe that our pets are just as much a part of the family as anybody else, and have always encouraged our customers to bring in their pets for photos. We have photographed a variety of pets