Thank You!

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions, comments, requests, etc.


  • Arrive at the park at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to check in, get ready, and get directions to the location we will be shooting.
  • Plan to spend at least a full hour on-location. While you are allotted up to a full hour of shooting, most sessions typically wrap in 30-45 minutes. We can schedule a same-day viewing of your session at our studio location, upon request.
  • Bennett’s Creek offers a wide variety of activities for all ages. Feel free to make a day of it after our session concludes!


Solid colors are recommended, but we encourage creativity


  • Thin, tight stripes tend to create distracting moiré patterns.
  • Bold patterns can become dated quickly.
  • Jewelry with large reflective surfaces can result in unintentional photobombs.
  • Glitter gets everywhere.
  • Heels are not recommended due to uneven terrain and walking surfaces

Unless otherwise requested, some poses may be full-length. Please make sure everyone is wearing matching shoes and socks.

Arriving dressed and ready in your first outfit and bringing outfit changes will help you get the most out of your session. We have a changing tent to allow for clothing changes.


Our pricing is readily available on our website and in-studio but if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Our associates are here to help you get exactly what you need in the most economical way.

Ask your loved ones what sizes and poses are needed ahead of time. The smoothest sessions are those that work off a list of sittings and sizes needed.

Outdoor sessions include a digital copy of the entire session with edited favorites and a print/digital license. With this, you can post your image(s) to social media, print at the lab of your choice (we do offer lab service pricing for prints in-house as well), send to friends and family to get their own prints, submit digitally, or most importantly, keep an archival copy.